Since 1995, when the first steps taken in retail furniture production, until these days, Pedro, Benjamín and Francisco, current leaders of the company, have carried on with their parents work in furniture production, by contributing with fresh ideas within the retail market.

ZORA was born in 2000 as the flagship brand of our corporate identity as a company specialised in retail design furniture production. In the year 2006 the company was given the CRAFTS MASTER certificate by the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian government) due to the means and attentions when developing our products.

Our innovation principle to produce furniture for retail as well as the modern productive means in the development of our products, made us grow to currently become one of the leader companies in this sector. Constant research of new and eco-friendly materials and finishes, place us in the vanguard of the industry and design, and offering trendy products at the same time.

Nowadays, ZORA belongs to ZMS group, within the field of retail. This group consists of companies specialised in retail and this guarantees success for any project.